Animated Explainer Videos for Cryptocurrencies

animated video for cryptocurrencies

The world has learned a new way to earn, invest, and trade thanks to cryptocurrencies. Recently, this new form of communication has reached unprecedented heights. We have witnessed our friends use this kind of digital currency wisely to go from being indigent to wealthy in a short amount of time. So, if you want to engage your target audience to invest in cryptocurrencies in an attractive way, animated explainer videos will prove to be the best bet.

What is a Cryptocurrency Animated Video?

An animated short video explaining cryptocurrency or the blockchain typically lasts between 30 seconds and 2 minutes and helps viewers understand the concepts of the technology. We all know that cryptocurrencies may seem difficult at first for normal people to understand. But, with the help of our easy-to-understand animated videos, you can lure a large potential client base.

Why Invest in a Cryptocurrency Animated Video?

Companies that develop blockchain and cryptocurrencies may struggle to explain complex, niche concepts to clients who are not tech-savvy. In this situation, an animated explainer video is the best option. Businesses can use animation to present complicated information in a captivating narrative that captivates viewers and cultivates a devoted following.

In comparison to other marketing tactics that would find it difficult to simultaneously simplify and amuse, watching an animated explainer video from Animation Explainers can make learning the subject.

You can effectively show how simple it is to secure and protect your information from any threat through animation. Trusting someone you don’t know is not an easy thing to do, especially in the maze that is cryptocurrency technology. You can go further to describe how secure cryptocurrencies are by providing some reliable references of investors and companies that have successfully used them for years.

Benefits of Using Animated Videos for the Cryptocurrency Industry

Explain the Difficult and Complex Technology of Blockchain

Customers who are not tech-savvy may find it difficult to understand the complex, specialized concepts that blockchain and cryptocurrency companies develop. The best solution, in this case, is an animated explainer video.

Complicated concepts become easy with such videos. In the video demo, for instance, you might talk about blockchain technology or how people can mine and trade cryptocurrencies effectively. Remember that a more personalized experience for the audience results in happier customers. Animation can, of course, solves this.

Build a Strong Online Presence

Blockchain explainer videos are added to blogs, landing pages, email marketing, social media content, and advertising. These elements help you establish a strong brand identity online and contribute to your online presence.

Converts Site Visitors into Sure shot Investors

The first place people look online to learn more about a company is its website. By including an engaging explainer video on your homepage, you can win over the trust of potential investors and forge a strong brand identity.

Explainer videos for cryptocurrency businesses can aid in gaining the trust of potential investors by succinctly and consistently outlining your benefits and concepts. People are unreliable creatures of this world, and they frequently pay money toward investments.

Top 10 Animated Videos for Cryptocurrencies

Companies have used bitcoin videos to explain their digital currency, how to use it, and how it offers secure payment transactions. These videos are straightforward, concise, and interesting. A cryptocurrency explainer video illustrates and explains cryptocurrency, as well as its features, applications, and wallets.

Here are some of the best cryptocurrency animated explainer videos:

Salt Lending

With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more serving as collateral, Salt Lending offers a variety of USD and stable-coin loans. This explainer video uses 3D elements, fluid animation, and dynamic color combinations to show how the platform functions.


Keplertek is a smart contract-governed ecosystem that brings together skilled engineers, businesses, and investors to advance the development of the AI and robotics industries. Motion graphics that are hypnotic, gorgeous visually, and captivating, are used in this video.

Blockchain – Dubai

Through the use of blockchain technologies, Dubai Real Estate Blockchain seeks to eliminate the onerous paperwork associated with real estate.

Buck’s talented team succeeded once more. This video discusses disruptive technologies from a human perspective. These types of animated explainer videos are complete masterpieces because of their stunning illustrations, smooth animation, and concise narration.

Earth Token

This quirky, artistic animated video was created by Earth Token to explain their brilliant plan to use Etherium blockchain technology to help the planet. This token aids in bridging green investors with local groups working to protect the environment.

For instance, the communities will receive payment in Earth Tokens to protect the trees rather than cutting them down to make money. Consider it a climate asset.


By developing software to safeguard connectivity for web applications, IoT devices, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, Cloudbric makes the internet secure from hackers.

We can tell what these animated explainer videos are about just by looking at their aesthetic elements. The solution and hackers are visualized using a game-like approach in an isometric environment, while cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are represented as cubes enclosing various cryptocurrencies.


A new digital currency exchange called Globitex enables anyone to trade goods and financial instruments for bitcoin. To meet the demand for an institutional-grade exchange platform with cutting-edge IT solutions, its team has developed a professional Bitcoin marketplace. The Globitex increase in trading liquidity is in the bitcoin explainer video.


On social media platforms, ReddCoin is a cryptocurrency that most people use as a tipping currency. All of the major social networks integrate with the digital currency platform to make sending and receiving money enjoyable. The Reddcoin cryptocurrency animated explainer videos demonstrate how it makes it simple to send and receive money on social media.

Bit Go

The video’s concept is brilliant. It makes use of animation that resembles doodle art, which is uncommon in a crypto video advertisement. Additionally, the fact that its style differs from that of its rivals contributes to the stickiness of its brand. The narrator also discusses the brand’s overview and the benefits of purchasing it for the audience. This kind of quick video works best at the beginning of the sales funnel.

Cum Rocket

An innovative deflationary token focused on the adult entertainment sector called CumRocket ($CUMMIES) is available on the Binance Smart Chain. The animated explainer videos explain in a simple and engaging way how to spot the difference between fake and original adult artwork. It further leads the viewer to understand exactly what an NFT is and how to buy one. Published by Eleven Gates, this animated explainer video is getting rave reviews.

It offers a cutting-edge 18+ NFT Market place for creators to sell their adult content while earning royalties from NFT resales, as well as an NSFW content subscription platform.

Wet Space

The Wet Space explainer video begins on a very interesting note gripping the viewer’s attention from the start without beating around the bush. It first explains how to create a Crypto wallet and the importance of one. Created by Eleven Gates, this cool video explains the A to Z about dealing with Wet Space currency.

Many blockchain-based businesses struggle to take off because they fail to direct their resources in the right direction. Animated explainer videos can help with this since they work well across multiple platforms. Since one can use this type of content almost anywhere, you have an excellent return on investment.

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