Important Things for Video Marketing

Important Things for Video Marketing

Things you should know for video marketing !

Realistic videos portray customers speaking about how great your product or service is. Animated explainer videos explain how your product or service is to be used or how is it beneficial. The basic difference between the two is that one uses real people and the other uses animated images. Both are effective in conveying your brand idea. But, before you make any kind of explainer video, you should keep some important things in mind.

Tips to creating a Catchy and Compelling Video for Brand Marketing

A memorable and engaging video enriches your video marketing strategy. Here are some 8 tips on how you can use videos to promote your brand in an efficient way:

  • Make it more human if making a realistic video

A good video should be more convincing and believable and so you need to make it more human. This involves connecting with real people. You also need to make your videos pleasant, enjoyable and easy to relate to.

  • Put it in context

In order to make your videos more human and believable you need to put some context as in the geographical location of the place or make the situation you are trying to showcase more realistic. For example, if you are marketing woollens and you want to show someone feeling cold, then a good idea would be to shoot some snow-covered mountains or snowfall or people walking on the streets wearing woollens. Giving a genuine back ground will attract more viewership.

  • Prepare questions with anticipation

Prepare your questions in such a way that you cover most of the common FAQs that can be asked for your product. This will make your video a very compelling one and will also make the concept very clear to your target audience. When you prepare your questions well and invest more time to your concept, you can create a great video. Use the questions to ‘cross-examine’ the interviewee and ensure that all the topics are covered well.

An animated video grabs eyeballs better than a realistic video. So, if you are using an animated video, ensure that the content is clearly explained, the voice used in the background is pleasant to hear and the images drawn speak about your product or service clearly.

  • Think about the possible scenarios

In order to create an effective video, you need to check the background, context and the overall flow of your video. First scout all the possible places where you can shoot the video, if making a realistic video, to have the best option in hand.

  • Include Relatable Points

It is also a good idea to ask a few other random people relatable questions to collect common problem points. You can then prepare your questionnaire and include main key points that your product covers. For example, if it is a mixer grinder, you can about its washing procedure, noise, efficiency in grinding, frequent problems with the electronic, etc. When you prepare your questionnaire, you can include all these points in a natural way one after the other, and then let the interviewee explain how your product has proved to be better than all previous ones. ask people

  • Make final edits

You cannot use a video without editing it. Editing is necessary to make the content look natural and in a flow. You might also want to remove certain sections or add some in between. The final draft should be smooth, compelling and convincing.
An explainer video, if made well, can increase your product value. You should not make it overtly promotional as people today can easily judge a promotional content from a genuine one. Think out of the box and come up with different concepts that can intrigue your target audience. Some videos are so understated that it takes a second or two to realize what exactly they are promoting. This spikes the interest in the customer as such videos have full capacities to convert into sales. If used well, a video is a successful key to market your brand.