Top 7 Marketing Goals you can Accomplish with Videos

There are many marketing goals and objectives that videos can help you reach, from facilitating customer acquisition to producing excellent product experiences. Videos are used by companies and marketers in a variety of ways and on various platforms. With video, the options are endless!

We recently surveyed some of our clients to learn more about their use of video, their motivations for doing so, and the issues it helps them to address.

Their responses were insightful, and the majority of them centered on facilitating marketing and business expansion. The majority of their video strategy is aimed at achieving the following marketing objectives:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Educating customers
  • Demonstrating their products in use
  • Launching a new venture
  • Giving social proof
  • Highlighting examples of product use
  • Construction of a sales engine

This article will explore these 7 video marketing goals and why they are essential for any business looking to grow.

Goal 1: Building brand awareness

One of the main marketing goals for businesses to produce video content is to increase brand awareness. They can reach a larger audience and increase their social media views thanks to video marketing. That is made possible by video content’s capacity to draw in viewers and effectively communicate ideas with higher retention rates.

Another factor is that video frequently appears above all other search results online. 62% of Google searches, according to Inc., include video. This implies that by including videos on your website, you will increase the exposure of your company.

Your website becomes more noticeable as a result, which raises brand awareness and user engagement.

Goal 2: Showing their product in action

Video demonstrations of your product in use are a great way to give customers a product experience and show that it lives up to all the promises made in your marketing materials. You can demonstrate to your audience how your product makes their lives easier by addressing their issues through this method.

It facilitates customer acquisition because viewers can see the various use cases, advantages, and lifestyle they can achieve after using your product. It adds an additional layer of credibility to the brand and its product because it is the closest thing to having actually used the product in real life.

Goal 3: Customer educationOne of the most crucial marketing goals

Video explains concepts better than any other type of content and is more attractive and noticeable. It makes it simpler for brands and marketers to simplify even the most difficult software or product concepts into concise, relatable, and easily digestible content.

Brands that inform consumers and provide them with educational resources instantly transform into their safe havens. Viewers are quickly persuaded to use the service or product of that brand as a result. For businesses like Ahrefs, CXL, and Gong, this is accurate.

The majority of educational videos use formats like walkthroughs, tutorials, demos, how-tos, and others.

Goal 4: Entering a new market

For businesses, breaking into a new market is always a difficult task, especially for startups or small companies. But doing so is made easier by videos.

A compelling narrative and daring content that pushes the envelope are necessary for a brand to be successful in a new market. It’s crucial to have an identity that the audience can quickly comprehend and identify among a sea of rival companies.

Nothing compares to video campaigns when it comes to all that. You can effectively introduce yourself to your new markets and establish a stable market positioning with the aid of a strong video campaign. With the help of brand videos, you can quickly spread the word about who you are, who you target, why you do what you do, and why people should trust you.

Goal 5: Proving social proof

Videos of happy customers sharing positive experiences with your brand in case studies, testimonials, and reviews are powerful tools for demonstrating the efficacy of your product and establishing a connection between your brand and potential customers.

People hear the efficiency story (about your product) from individuals who are not associated with your brand. They get to see how your product has benefited a person or people who share their needs and pain points. That’s a tough argument in favor of your brand and product.

Goal 6: Highlighting product uses

If you sell a complicated SaaS product or one with numerous components and numerous features, this is especially crucial. It can be difficult for your customers to actually comprehend how to use your product to solve their problems or accomplish certain marketing goals that are important to them, even when they are in need of it.

Displaying your product in use could be beneficial. Even more beneficial, however, are finding out about the various needs of your target audience and making videos to demonstrate particular use cases. It demonstrates your understanding of them and their particular objectives and provides a direct testimonial of their experience with your product.

Goal 7: One of the most important marketing goals of creating a sales engine

Videos make concepts clearer. They make it simpler to engage and communicate with your audience. It is simple to demonstrate your product in use, carry out various use cases, and show your viewers the benefits of using your product.

Additionally, videos generate more engagement than all other forms of content put together. It enables you to communicate your point and win over your audience’s trust. It is also given preference by Google and users over other content types, making it the best tool for enabling sales.

You can produce bottom-of-the-funnel videos for sales, such as tutorials, case studies, testimonials, and demos. A powerful strategy for growing sales, conversions, revenue, and brand recognition is video marketing. It is an excellent tool for boosting brand affinities and loyalty. Additionally, it will increase your visibility and appeal. There are countless advantages to video marketing.

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