Why Explainer Videos can get your startups to a soaring start ?

We are currently living in a world where everyone is aware of everything, there is easy access to knowledge, and where it is no more easy to grab your customer’s attention. For a startup in today’s time, the most difficult task is to catch the customer’s eye.

It is also difficult to hook their attention to your services or products. Not everyone shows interest in reading long content about your company So, videos prove to be a golden route to success.

Animated explainer videos are short marketing videos that demonstrate and educate about your services or products. When you include animation in explainer videos, they get a humorous and catchy element.

This is what holds the customer’s attention. A regular how-to explainer video also does the trick, but most startups lack the resources to create a fresh how-to explainer video. So, an animated explainer video suits their purposes perfectly.

Animated explainer videos create interest and excitement in the spectator. They are perfect for startups struggling to carve a niche for themselves in the market. If you are still not convinced, here are few reasons why animated explainer videos are the best for startups.

Better Engagement on the Target Audience

According to a survey, animated explainer videos create a better impact on the spectator than a real life shot video as the latter does not stay in memory for long. An animated, humorous video stays longer in the spectator’s mind. It is also easier to explain how the products or services function in an animated video.

Better Compatible on Mobile Devices

Animated Explainer Videos are easy to load on mobile devices and easier to share. They are lighter in size and yet deliver maximum information in minimum time. As everyone is facing a diminishing attention span these days, these videos tend to grab eyeballs on the go.

Enhances your Social Media Handles

When a brightly coloured animated video appears on your social media handle, there are better chances of your page to get more followers. In today’s era, most businesses function through social media followers and so, to create an impactful social media presence is necessary.

When you explain your company’s services and products through an animated explainer video, there are more chances for people to view your videos than to view real life shot videos.

As you have more and more spectators hooked on to your animated videos so you can generate better website traffic and this will help to improve your ranking on Google. Put simply, animated explainer videos enhance visibility and interaction.

These are the new tool useful to create your name in a very competitive market. When you add animated videos on your landing page and social media handles, it boosts your brand awareness as well.

Give the Customers a Taste of your Product

Animated explainer videos give your customers a proper understanding of what exactly your product or service does. As per a study, a single minute of a video conveys as much as 1.8 million words do, and hence, they are very important to convey your message in controlled and limited content

Chances of Going Viral and Famous

If your animated explainer video has an element of strong emotion, wonder, awe or inspiration, there are better chances of the video being shared on social media. It can go viral and make your startup famous. This will indirectly generate leads and increase business potential.


Startups often have limited funds. They do not have the capital to create videos with highly-priced celebrities. But animated videos are cheaper to make. Animated explainer videos are cost-effective and efficient to convey the same message impactfully what a celebrity video might convey.
These are some reasons why startups should go with animated explainer videos if they want to boost their brand awareness.